Window Envy – A Window Installation from a Different Perspective

A Window Installation from a Layman’s Point of View

As the Marketing Coordinator for R&K, I wear a lot of hats. On this particular Friday morning I was able to watch a window install from beginning to end. As I was taking pictures, I thought others might be interested to learn about the process as I was seeing it. It was similar to a window that I need to upgrade in my home, so I was looking at it from more of a homeowner’s perspective.

Photos of Window Installation Process

  1. The original window was an old, aluminum single pane with the sliding vents along the bottom. And that’s a west facing wall – so I’m going to guess it wasn’t doing much for energy efficiency, much less aesthetics.
  2. They started removing the panes of glass by prying off the seals on the interior and exterior of the window.
  3. Our crew did a great job getting the old raw glass out, but it did break in a couple spots. They carefully pulled those pieces of glass out before they had a chance to fall and shatter and placed them in a trash bin. I would think disposal of the old windows would be a bit challenging for most homeowners, especially if a lot of glass was broken during removal. I could see how skilled our guys were during this part of the process.
  4. Newer window frames are thicker in many cases. Some drywall needed to be cut back so the new window would fit in the opening. In addition to covering our customer’s interior furnishings with plastic, the guys taped off the opening with plastic to keep the dust from getting all over the inside of the house. During the cutting process, they used the shop-vac to further keep dust to a minimum.
  5. So far, the process looked pretty smooth. I wondered if getting the new window in was going to be the tricky part. The guys lifted the new window into place. The top fixed pane of the new window weighed 60 lbs and the lower XO sliding portion underneath it weighed 46 lbs… then add the frame… that’s one heavy AND fragile item! The window fit like a glove. At this point I realized how important accurate measurements were at the beginning of the process!
  6. After the window was in place, they used a special spray foam to create a waterproof seal around the opening. From the inside, the frame was anchored securely in place. I learned that different techniques are necessary depending on whether they are screwing into wood, brick or block. The crew will come back at another time to complete the finishing work on the stucco and drywall.

What I took away from this experience is the importance of trusting experts. At R&K we provide that guidance from start to finish.

Our Installation Manager does the measuring for every job, while also looking for any possible issues that may arise during removal and installation. Our estimators are industry professionals, not sales people. They will help you select the type of window that meets your needs and wants, but will also perform in your home. Our installers, who are employees of R&K – not subcontractors, are masters of their trade.

If you are thinking of replacing windows in your home, take some time to compare R&K’s process vs. other buying options. Call or come by our showroom anytime and one of our professionals will be happy to explain it with more technical detail.

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