safetyR&K Building Supplies is committed to providing a safe place of business for its employees and customers. Every effort is made at R&K to create a culture where safety comes first in order to prevent accidents, injuries, and illness of any severity.

A highlight of R&K’s safety efforts include:

Drug-Free Workplace– Drug screens are done for all employees before they are hired and random screenings are performed regularly to help ensure we only employ individuals that are alert and unimpaired as they carry out their job responsibilities.

Training– All employees are trained regarding company safety rules and each employee’s role in maintaining a safe workplace. In addition, employees must be trained and certified before operating equipment.

Awareness & Continuing Education– Regular safety meetings are held in each department to remind employees about safety rules and proper use of safety equipment as well as to educate them on the latest safety practices.

Review & Adherence– Company safety meetings, with employee representatives from each department, are held monthly to review safety practices, safety training, and safety needs. As a part of this meeting, inspections are performed in each department by fellow employees to observe compliance with safety rules and to identify new safety concerns.

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