Residential & Commercial Builders

Calling all contractors! Did you know that R&K is perfectly equipped to meet your needs? We are accustomed to supplying high-volume jobs such as tract homes and multi-family developments.  Our facilities span 20 acres and we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles for your convenience.

Competitive Pricing.  Our years in business, strong vendor relationships and order volume enable to provide competitive pricing paired with a level of knowledge and service you just won’t find anywhere else. 

Simplified  Accounting. When you purchase your building materials from R&K, you are able to get many products and materials from one company. We offer in-house financing with credit approval, and we provide you with a single detailed invoice from our corporate accounting office.

Selection and Customization.  No other supplier in Arizona offers as many brands and customization options as we do here at R&K. If you need something that is non-standard, don’t be afraid to ask!

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