Truss Installation & Additional Services

R&K Truss provides the following services:

  • Estimating – At times we all depend on quick turn around during the bid process to increase our chances of being awarded a job. At R&K Truss we understand the value of expediting a quote or take-off, and how important that is to both our customer’s success and ours. As an added service to our customers we incorporate this concept into our bid process by providing quick but accurate estimates for both products and services we provide, upon your request.
  • Truss Design – Knowing that structural building components not only provide huge economical savings and offers multiple environmentally safe benefits, R&K Truss uses one of the most sophisticated layout and engineering software platforms available. Whether you need a roof or floor system for either a commercial or residential project, manufactured wood products are highly engineered to efficiently and cost effectively meet today’s real world construction needs. We utilize fully interactive computer programs by linking our layout and engineering to our production facility which ensures the highest of quality, consistency, and accuracy through every phase of our state of the art design and manufacturing process.
  • CAD Layouts/Truss Placement – As an intricate part of truss installation and placement, CAD layouts, as we call them, have become a vital part of our bid, design, and production process. As we supply manufactured wood products to both owner builders and contractors, it’s our goal to promote accuracy and efficiency during the installation process. By designing a 3D model and layout from project specifications, using the latest component engineering technology, we can assure that we will deliver innovative construction solutions on every project.
  • Valued Engineering – Our lasting relationships with local building departments and inspectors have been a valuable benefit for all our customers through the entire permitting and inspection process. As building codes develop within all phases of the construction industry and building officials continue to govern economic growth both city and state wide, sealed truss drawings have become the missing link between the pass or failure status of a project. Knowing the importance of expediting these steps, we provide sealed truss drawings within 24 hours from the design completion both at the permitting and inspection phases.
  • Field Verification – Plan interpretation becomes an everyday reality for truss manufacturers which demands the need for field verification. At R&K Building Supplies, the truss division is committed to building quality relationships along with quality engineered wood products, and there’s no greater reward than to supply our customers with a truss system that’s no less than accurate and exact. While industry standards may accept a plan only take-off, we feel that meeting with our customers in the field gives us an edge in the manufactured wood product industry when supplying such a custom and unique product.
  • Job Site Delivery – The construction developments that come with being in the manufactured wood product industry are sometimes complex, demanding, and ever changing. Our dispatch department and delivery fleet knows the importance of timing, and how time truly is money. By promoting constant communication with our customers and sales staff, all product delivery demands will be met with the highest priority to ensure timeliness in consideration of each projects schedule. Whether the package is already built, or in the process of, our job site delivery response times will be prompt and immediate.
  • Service Techs – We pride ourselves on both continuing a commitment of excellence, and achieving the earned respect and business of our associates and customers, and our commitment doesn’t stop after the trusses have been delivered. Since manufactured wood products are custom designed and built for each individual project, changes after the trusses have been built can at times be costly for everyone. By offering a fully functional service department with field manufacturing experience and equipment, we can come to you when changes or modifications need to be made. Our commitment is, that we aren’t satisfied until you are.
  • Installation – While R&K does not install (set) the trusses as a service, we are happy to recommend several licensed, bonded, and insured framers that we have worked with for several years.


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