Insulation Selection

Below is a list of product that we typically stock and supply. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we can find it.

2x4 Walls
Sq. Ft/Bag
R11U 16X96 213.33
R11U 24X48 288
R11K 15X94 88.12
R11K 23X94 135.12
R13U 15X93 155.00
R13U 16X96 170.67
R13U 24X48 224.00

2x6 Walls
Sq. Ft/Bag
R19U 15X93 96.87
R19U 24X48 160.00
R19U 16X96 106.67
R19K 15X93 98.43
R19K 23X48 150.14

Ceiling Batts(10 inches thick)
Sq. Ft/Bag
R30U 16X48 53.33
R30U 24X48 80.00
R30K 24X48 80.00

Ceiling Batts(12 inches thick)
Sq. Ft/Bag
R38U 16X48 42.67
R38U 24X48 64.00
R38K 24X48 64.00

Blown Products
Ultra Fit (wall)
Super Cube (attic)
Cellulose (attic)
Attic Guard (attic)
Half Pound (1/2 lbs) Open Cell
Two Pound (2 lbs) Closed Cell
Radiant Barrier
Skrim (white or black)
Styro Studs

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