R&K Insulation Division is a fully-licensed insulation contractor.

We can inspect your attic, review options for the best products, and install them for you! Not only is adding attic insulation one of most affordable home upgrades you can make, it also has the highest return on investment, and takes only a couple of hours. Take a look at this quick video that explains the process from start to finish.

What to expect during installation:

Attic Inspections – What we Look For. Not sure about R-Value and what’s up in your dusty old attic? That’s okay! Let our professional estimators come to your house and take a look for you – no cost and no obligation! Our inspection takes just a few minutes and we can tell you:

  1. What your current type of insulation is
  2. An estimate of the current R-Value of your existing insulation
  3. The best product to add depending on the current insulation type and R-Value
  4. We will then prepare a detailed, written estimate based on the product(s) we discussed with you.

Insulation Types

Insulate Today, Save Energy and Money Tomorrow!

Today’s homeowners are looking for ways to save – save on utility bills, save energy, save money. Research shows homes without the proper amount of insulation in an attic lose not only energy, but money as well. By adding the proper amount of attic insulation to their homes, homeowners could save as much as 20% on utility bills.

So How Much Insulation is in Your Attic?
According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Insulation recommendation, homes in the Valley should have insulation with an R-value between R-30 and R-60 in their attic. We recommend an R-Value of R-38 to R-49. R-Value is the thermal resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

Economic Benefits Of Insulation

  • Insulation reduces average cooling/heating costs by around 20 percent.
  • Increasing the insulation in an under-insulated home results in a decrease in monthly utility bills.
  • One of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more comfortable year-round is to add insulation to your attic.
  • Insulation is an investment that lasts for many years and typically requires no further maintenance.

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