Door Warranty Information

All claims for warranty must be made within the warranty period. Claims made after warranty expires will not be recognized. See terms and conditions of sale for other rules governing sales, warranties, and time periods.

R&K Product Warranty

R&K Building Supplies, hereafter referred to as R&K, warrants its products to be of good material and workmanship and to be free of defects for the period of 90 days following the delivery of the product. During this period, R&K will inspect, repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective product. This warranty is limited to the respective manufacturer’s conditions and terms where applicable, and violations of those terms and conditions will terminate all warranties associated with that product. This warranty does not cover issues caused by normal wear and tear, use of product for other than manufacturer’s intended design, neglect, abuse, faulty installation (if R&K didn’t install), acts of God, etc. This warranty applies to the product only, and does not cover other incidental costs incurred in replacing the product, including but not limited to: removal, installation, painting, staining, alarms, dry wall repairs, stucco repairs, flooring, coverings, landscaping, etc.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

After the initial 90 day period, R&K extends to its customers the Manufacturer’s warranty on all items. See specific manufacturer’s requirements for warranty (see links at Validity and repair or replacement is determined by the manufacturer. We will assist you in your warranty claim according to the policies of the manufacturer. In the event that the manufacturer specifies warrantee claims must be made through them, we are not able to process the claim for you. In the event that the manufacturer allows us to assist you in returning products or making a claim on the warranty, we will process the request here at no extra charge. In the event that you would like assistance with removing, uninstalling, and transporting your products for warranty claim, we offer service techs to assist you. We charge a *standard trip fee, charge for labor at an **hourly rate, and charge for shipping costs. If a second visit is required to deliver or install, a second trip charge will be incurred and the hourly rate will apply to that trip as well, and we will charge for necessary supplies. This warranty applies to the product only, and does not include any other incidental costs incurred in replacing the product, as mentioned above.

Installation Warranty

We offer an installation warranty of one year if products purchased are installed by R&K’s Professional Installation Team. This covers all installations according to the standards laid out by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Adjustments needed due to normal wear and tear or house settling will be performed one time at no extra charge. In the event service is needed due to product failure, abuse, recurrence of settling, or other reasons beyond the normal intended function of the product and/or installation, our normal fees and rates for service will apply. This warranty applies to the installation only, and does not include other incidental costs incurred in replacing the product or its surroundings, as mentioned above.

Please call our Customer Service hotline to expedite your service request at 480-892-0204.

* Standard Trip Fee = $65.00. Subject to change. (distances more than 30 miles from our Gilbert facility is not standard and will be charged more).

** Hourly Rate = $50.00 per hour. Subject to change. (1st hour is included in the trip charge – billed in ½ hour increments)

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