R&K sells quality doors and hardware that meet today’s expectations for durability, energy efficiency and style.

We work with several vendors to offer the widest selection in doors and hardware.  R&K also has a large production shop where we are able to make sure that the doors you choose will fit perfectly in your home.  Changes in materials and technology mean you have more choices than even when replacing your doors. Many manufacturers such as ThermaTru and Masonite have fiberglass and composite materials that look as beautiful as natural wood. But unlike wood, fiberglass has a longer life, less maintenance and much better energy efficiency.

Style and energy efficiency may be top priorities when you select your new doors.  However, remember that proper installation is important.  An improperly installed door may not operate smoothly, close properly or may leak or fail.  R&K’s installers are trained professionals and will make sure your door looks and works exactly as it should. There are many details to consider when making your purchase, from swing and handle placement, to hinges, fire ratings, and more. Don’t try to DIY your doors. Let the experts at R&K guide you through this purchase from selection to installation.

Have you thought about trim? Door trim and baseboards complete the look of the doors and tie them into your home’s style and decor. We have a huge selection of trim styles and samples you can view, and will help you choose ones that complement your new doors.

Not sure where to start? Come visit our newly remodeled showroom to view working, full size displays in a variety of styles. Our salespeople can explain how different materials affect the maintenance, energy efficiency and price of the many options we sell.  You can also visit some of our manufacturers to get a feel for the styles and products you are interested in.

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