People Do Business with People

Some purchases require a certain level of trust. Especially those where you have to let complete strangers into your home. We forget about that part sometimes. Many companies build their businesses around low prices or brand recognition. While it’s important to have competitive pricing and sell quality products to stay viable as a business, it’s equally important to remember that people do business with people – and quality people are any business’ strongest asset.

Many home projects require installers or estimators to come into your home. Licenses, bonds, and background checks can give you a sense of safety and security, but true comfort shows through in stories like these where our installers not only do their job well, but also make a human connection. This is truly what being a family business is all about.

This recent email we received from one of our customers illustrates this point so well, I’m going to share it in its entirety, without editing it at all. R&K takes great pride in our employees, and we are thankful to see their value was recognized as a huge factor in this customer’s overall experience.

Hi David,

I wanted to take a quick moment and say thank you to the installation crew that filled in our window and installed the secondary locks on Tuesday, June 13! Jose and his crew did great work as was expected given our experience with R&K in the past. I wanted to write because Jose went above and beyond in accommodating our family while here.

First, he politely inquired about whether or not he could install the lock on the window in the baby’s nursery in regards to naps. We were more than happy to adjust sleeping to make sure he and his crew could get their work done, but it was so nice for him to be considerate of the fact that we have a baby in the house.

Second, my 3-year-old son became enamored watching Jose work to install the secondary locks. He retrieved his play tools and pretended to work along side him. Jose was patient and even asked him to help him read numbers off the tape measure. My son was so pleased with his “work”!

Thank you again to Jose and his crew for doing such great work!

R&K has been a pleasure to work with both times we have had you do work in our home (both on the sales and install side). Thank you for making these home projects run smoothly.

If you would please pass this along to the Install manager so that s/he knows what a wonderful experience we had I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Erika W.


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