R&K’s Window Center offers expertise and a range of products for your glass and mirror needs

Glass Replacement.  R&K offers glass replacement and repair, however we do not have 24-hour technicians for emergency service.  What does this mean?  If your window is broken from storm damage or burglary, for example, what you need is an Emergency Glass Repair company. They will be able to come quickly, clean up your mess and board up or replace your glass on the spot.

If your situation is not as urgent, we can repair the glass in broken or failing windows.  Breaks not posing a safety hazard or security risk, such as golf balls, are common. We can also repair issues with broken seals (often noticed when moisture begins to collect between panes of glass) and even replace broken window hardware that may be causing your windows to function with difficulty.

Shower and Bath.  More and more home upgrades include remodeling a bathroom.  Trends are moving to frameless shower enclosures and glass can create unique and appealing spaces in the bath.

Custom Glass Projects.  We can take your design or concept and make it a reality. We supply many unique types of glass including patterned glass, decorative and ornate glass, tempered or safety glass and can create in almost any scale.  Common projects include table tops and wall partitions.

Mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, make spaces appear larger and create decorative and architectural interest.  They are common functional elements in many settings such as commercial spaces, restrooms, fitness centers and studios, hotels, restaurants and retails spaces.

Commercial Glass.  R&K has worked on many projects, both small and large, around the Valley providing Commercial Glazing for storefronts, sports clubs, apartment complexes, health care facilities and other businesses.



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