Truss Department – Commitment To Excellence

R&K Truss is committed to taking the time necessary with each customer to perform a thorough review of your plans and project details in order to provide an accurate truss estimate.

All trusses will be custom designed by an experienced and knowledgeable designer to meet the specifications of each job.

All designs will be reviewed and approved by an engineer to ensure compliance with the various engineering and code requirements.

All trusses will be built in accordance with the engineer approved designs-grade of lumber, gauge of steel, and configuration-to ensure the structural integrity and proper performance of the truss system.

Production and field services will be performed by reliable, e-verified and trained R&K employees. We pledge quality and error free workmanship–every time.

Trusses will be delivered on-time, complete and in a professional manner with appropriate documentation.

We commit to providing quick responses and innovative solutions when changes or issues occur during design or in the field.

R&K Truss is committed to offering reliability & knowledge you can see, and excellence you can count on.

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